Support Iceland in Euro 2016 with your own Icelandic name!

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As Euro 2016 Iceland-mania sweeps the continent, a Norwegian news outlet has put together an amusing ‘Generate your own Icelandic name’ function for readers to play with.

The vast majority of Icelandic names consist of one of two given names followed by a patronyms – names based on the filial relationship with a male parent.

For instance, the name of Iceland midfielder Gylfi Þór Sigurðsson means literally ‘Gylfi Þór, son of Sigurður’. Any sisters of Gylfi Þór would bear the patronym ‘Sigurðardóttir’, i.e. ‘daughter of Sigurður’.

Lots of 'sons' on our TV screens at the moment...

Lots of 'sons' on our TV screens at the moment... Photo: Foto Olimpik

Norwegian news website allows you to put your details in and generate a football shirt with your Icelandic name on it to post on social media.

You should write your first name in the ‘Ditt fornavn’ field and your father’s first name in the ‘Din fars fornavn’ field. Then you should indicate your gender – ‘mann’: male; ‘kvinne’: female. Try it out for yourself here.

A few tests run by Iceland Monitor suggest that VG haven’t totally nailed the niceties of constructing grammatically perfect Icelandic names, but the gadget is quite fun nevertheless!




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