Iceland fans flock to search for France flights after Portugal game

Who wouldn't have wanted to enjoy this party?

Who wouldn't have wanted to enjoy this party? Photo: Iceland Monitor/Skapti Hallgrímsson

Iceland’s gutsy performance in their first ever match in their first ever men’s UEFA Euro football finals had hordes of excited Icelanders reaching for their computer mice and looking up flights to France.

As can be seen in the minute-by-minute graph below from Icelandic travel search engine website Dohop, searches for France rose during the half-time break and spiked after the final whistle.

According to Dohop, this spike was the single biggest jump between hours in the website’s history and “the amount of visits at the peak (9:20pm) is also the highest number of concurrent sessions on Dohop in many weeks.”

The second chart shows searches to France as compared to other destinations.




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