Heat wave in East Iceland

Egilsstaðir swimming pool this morning.

Egilsstaðir swimming pool this morning. Photo/Íþróttamiðstöðin á Egilsstöðum

"It's extremely hot. We're sheltered from the wind here at the pool and the sun is burning hot. The thermometer shows 27 degrees C," says Karen Erla Erlingsdóttir, director of the Egilsstaðir sports centre speaking to mbl.is.

The best weather in Iceland today is in East Iceland and the highest local temperature was measured at Egilsstaðir airport, at 23.2 degrees C. 

The weather outlook for the weekend is great and it's been good all week. The swimming pool has been full but because people aren't on holiday yet the crowds are comprised of youngsters and pensioners. 

"It's really bee quite unique, we're not used to a heat wave like this until mid-June," explains Erlingsdóttir. Last summer was not very kind to the inhabitants of the East Fjords. "Now everyone is really happy."




13 °C

Rain showers

Later today

14 °C

Light rain


14 °C