Crater Comes Back to Life: Impressive Video

Photo/Donatas Arlauskas

Vala Hafstað

As we reported earlier, visible activity in the Fagradalsfjall eruption, Southwest Iceland, resumed September 11. Photographer Donatas Arlauskas was quick to visit the eruption site that day and capture this impressive drone video, which we publish here with his permission. The video was posted on YouTube.

It allows you to look straight into the heart of the action — the main crater — where fire is spewing and feeding a web of fiery veins, creating the most fascinating pattern of numerous colors. In addition, you see lava streaming through smaller vents beside the main crater.

The photos below were all taken by Donatas Arlauskas.

Photo/Donatas Arlauskas

Photo/Donatas Arlauskas

Photo/Donatas Arlauskas




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