Icelandair still a comparatively small airline

Following Icelandair's acquisition of low cost airline WOW air, Icelandair's passenger numbers will obviously increase. WOW air transported around 2.8 million passengers in the first nine months of this year. Over the same time period, Icelandair transported 3.3 passengers

These numbers are published by  Tú The two airlines therefore flew 6.4 million passengers  from January this year until the end of September. 

But even when the two airlines are combined, they are far from reaching the largest Scandinavian airlines. As a comparison, Norwegian flew 28.3 passengers over the same period of time, 22 million with SAS and around 10 million with Finnair. 

Today both Icelandair and WOW offer 56 destinations and both fly to 21 of the same destinations. It will therefore be interesting to see what changes will be made to destinations and flight availabilities after the merger. 




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