Record numbers of tourists expected again in 2017

Records for numbers of people coming to Iceland by air and sea have been falling year on year, and 2017 promises to be no exception.

Flights to and from Iceland this winter season and booked cruise-ship arrivals for next summer are set to outstrip the corresponding figures for 2015/16, enabling ever more visitors to visit the country (see data below).

At the same time, Icelanders have been going on foreign holidays in greater numbers than ever before this summer.

Almost 167,000 Icelanders departed on international flights from Keflavík International Aiport (KEF) this June, July and August – considerably higher than the just over 151,000 in the previous record year of 2007.

It is thought that large numbers of Iceland fans travelling to the Euro 2016 football finals in France this summer are behind these healthy figures. More Icelanders have flown abroad so far this year than in the whole twelve months of 2011.




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