Cost of UK-Iceland flights halves in one year

British Airways is just one of the airlines that link …

British Airways is just one of the airlines that link the UK and Iceland. Photo: AFP

An increased number of flights between Iceland and the UK has halved the cost of a return flight between the two countries, new figures have shown.

According to Icelandic travel and tourism news website Turisti (link in Icelandic), the average price of a return flight from the UK to Iceland has fallen from £175 in the second quarter of 2015 to just £89 in the second quarter of this year – a fall of 49%.

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As a result of the plummeting value of the pound, the difference is even greater for travellers paying for an equivalent journey in Icelandic króna. The average price quoted for Q2 2015 works out as ISK 35,962, as compared to ISK 16,759 this year – a difference of 53%.

The data used in this comparison comes from booking site Kayak.

Some 56,000 British nationals departed on flights from Iceland’s main international airport in the period April-June this year – up 36% on last year.

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