VIDEO: Cases flung around hold of Icelandic jet

Photo: WOW

This video, posted on social media by air passenger Rögnvaldur Már Helgason, clearly shows a baggage handler roughly fling suitcases down the hold of the airplane, with no apparent regard for the contents.

(Luggage belonging to WOW air passengers is loaded by WOW air itself, but by handlers Airport Associates.)

 Another tip for air travel is to check your luggage for damage BEFORE leaving the airport.

Júlía Ósk Bjarna­dótt­ir, who recently flew to London with WOW air, discovered after arrival that the child’s pushchair she had checked in as hand luggage had been badly damaged.

She did not have internet access for two days, but sent WOW air an e-mail as soon as she could, to which she received no reply. Upon ringing the airline, she was told to fill in a damage form.

The airline replied that, under their terms and conditions for hold luggage state, leaving the airport without reporting damage means that the luggage is deemed to have been delivered in good condition.

WOW air has refused Júlía Ósk any compensation for the damage. She has expressed her anger at seeing in the video above how passenger luggage may be being treated.

The damage to the pushchair.

The damage to the pushchair. Photo: Júlía Ósk Bjarna­dótt­ir


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