Icelandic jets take over Tenerife

Photo: Sighvatur Óttarr Elefsen

Photo: Sighvatur Óttarr Elefsen mynd/Sighvatur Óttarr Elefsen

Can you spot the mistake in this photo of a cluster of Icelandic jets? That’s right – the bright sunshine and brilliant blue skies.

Because this is not Keflavík as the aircraft might suggest, but Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands.

Traveller Sig­hvat­ur Ótt­arr Elef­sen took this shot of three Icelandic jets monopolising the apron at Tenerife Sur Airport (TFS) on Tuesday.

550 passengers – almost all Icelandic – arrived in the popular Canary hotspot on Tuesday in three jets landing in a time period of just eighty minutes.

On Tuesday mornings at this time of year, a Primera Air Boeing 737 leaves Keflavík International Airport (KEF) at 08:45, followed by an Icelandair Boeing 757 at 09:30 and a WOW air Airbus at 10:05.

Travel agencies report that all Tenerife flights from Iceland over the Easter break are fully booked.




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