Cancellation fee at Dill, Reykjavik’s only Michelin star restaurant

Dill is a small restaurant located in Reykjavik centre.

Dill is a small restaurant located in Reykjavik centre. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Ómar Óskarsson

Dill restaurant is the first Icelandic restaurant to receive a coveted Michelin star. This happened only recently, and Dill has been the restaurant everyone has been talking about since.

The place is pretty much fully booked over the next four months, the booking system doesn’t go any further than that. Head chef Ragnar Eiríksson says not much has changed in terms of popularity. “We’ve always been fully booked, only now the bookings go even further ahead in time. This is pretty much the same as it was, the same Dill”.

Dill recently started using a new booking system from SUPERB. Now booking a table requires a credit card number and the fee for not showing up is 11.900 ISK, around 100 Euros.

Asked if there are a lot of no shows Eiríksson says it happens every once in a while. “Of course it happens, people are travelling and something might come up.” He states that the fee is rather to encourage people to show up, or to remember to cancel the reservation.

“It’s just like when you book a hotel room. We won’t be that strict about it, of course something can come up, and we’ll take that into consideration. This booking system is used in 30 other restaurants all over Europe, and the fine has only been collected five times.”

The menu at Dill is inspired by Nordic cuisine.

The menu at Dill is inspired by Nordic cuisine. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Eggert Jóhannesson




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