Icelandic design in Taylor Swift's latest video

Taylor Swift's biker girls wearing Yeoman accessories.

Taylor Swift's biker girls wearing Yeoman accessories. Screenshot/YouTube

 If you noticed that stunning biker-chic look going on in Taylor Swift's latest video to song "Look what you made me do," you might be surprised to learn that the designer who made the accessories for Swift's biker girl gang is Icelandic designer Hildur Yeoman. 

Yeoman has created stagewear for Björk, including an incredible fiber optic dress, didn't know at first that her accessories were going to be part of such a huge project. 

Icelandic designer Hildur Yeoman.

Icelandic designer Hildur Yeoman. Ómar Óskarsson

"New York based stylist Edda Guðmundsdóttir worked on the video for Swift. She borrowed a few items from me saying it was for a music video. I didn't know for whom," explains Yeoman, who opened her first own-label boutique on Skólavörðustígur in central Reykjavik last March. "The making of the video was top-secret so Edda didn't tell me who she was doing it for.  She's worked with director Joseph Kahn and Taylor Swift before, when she did the styling for the video Blank Space. So when I saw that Swift was releasing a new album, I started to suspect something was up."

A hat by Yeoman.

A hat by Yeoman. Photo/Kári Sverris

The items borrowed for the video, a hat, a harness and chokers, are complicated and more expensive versions of items available at the Yeoman store. "They can be specially ordered from me but the accessories we offer are actually more wearable which makes them more popular."

With other items and clothing in the video from fashion giants that include Balmain and Bulgari, Yeoman is certainly becoming a name to watch out for internationally. 

Yeoman is located on Skólavörðustígur 22b in Reykjavik and you can browse the collections at or on Instagram yeoman_reykjavik

Accessories and dress by Yeoman.

Accessories and dress by Yeoman. Photo/Saga Sig for Yeoman

A full-length silk print dress by Hildur Yeoman for the ...

A full-length silk print dress by Hildur Yeoman for the Yeoman fall/winter collection 2017. Photo/Saga Sig for Yeoman




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