Influenced by the darker parts of life

Alexander Kirchner's favourite phrase is "Long hair, don't care."

Alexander Kirchner's favourite phrase is "Long hair, don't care." Photograph by Frenzy Hunter

Anna Margrét Björnsson
Anna Margrét Björnsson

Alexander Kirchner is an Icelandic fashion designer, stylist and producer  who has been passionate about clothes since he started making them at sixteen. Kirchner has collaborated with designers, musicians and artists to make unique pieces and is now premiering his first collection for his own brand, Alexander Kirchner. 

Today he's taking part in a pop-up designer showroom called H71, a mix of photography, art and fashion located on Hverfisgata 71 in Reykjavik. 

Iceland Monitor put him through the first degree. 

What made you choose fashion design?

Actually it chose me, it started as a hobby that turned into a business.

Who or what would you say are your main influences?

The darker parts of life, how to make dark and grimy look beautiful and stunning.

What‘s the strangest thing about being in the fashion industry? 

There are no strange things about the fashion industry. Of course there are some times some problems. I suppose there are funny parts,  such as when a a company like Hood By Air brings out a front/back shoe, I would never wear them but never say never!

Do you think fashion is a true artform?

Hussein Chalayan, Rick Owens, Sandra Backlund and what McQueen was YES. But for many its their way of expressing themselves and for bigger companies it's about only 10% fashion and 90% money. I could go on for hours.

Your most treasured possession?

One fabric, one scissor and one crazy idea.

What is your definition of good style?

To be effortlessly daring and knowing how to mix up your items. Drop the mannequin shopping.

What‘s your idea of a perfect meal?

 Coffee and cigarettes - eating is cheating.

Who would you invite to that meal, of anyone living or dead?

 Aaliyah! Yesterday, today and tomorrow - morning, noon and night.

What is your favourite place in Iceland?

I went to Seyðisfjörður this summer, it is magical. 

What's the designer that you look most up to?

Tom Ford - He's an architect, fashion designer, producer and a director.

What‘s the music that has most influenced your life?

Where should I start,  just google my YouTube channel. Mainly hip hop and R&B. 

What are you listening to right now?

Timmy Turner feat. Kanye West - Designer.

What is your favourite item of clothing?

My black Alexander Kirchner zipper jumpsuit.

What‘s your least favourite trait of Icelanders?

The heavy gossiping, the depressed state of mind and how many try to drag others down with it. But of course my friends are perfect LOL. 

What‘s the best thing about living in Iceland?

The clean air and the fact you can drink from the sink.

What are the phrases you can‘t stop using?

 Long hair don't care!

What keeps you awake at night?

YouTube on weekdays. My crazy friends on the weekends.

If you could move anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would that be?

I once went to Muscat, Oman. That was interesting. But Paris has got all my attention these days.

Have you ever been a DJ?

Yes, I was a DJ for a while in Reykjavik at Vegamót. 

What‘s next in store for ALEXANDER KIRCHNER?

Come check out H71 to find out!

What are your favourite activities outside of designing fashion?

Creating, laughing and travelling. 

And finally, what products do you use for all that hair? Any tips?

Stop using shampoo...I'M IN LOOOVE WITH THE COCOnut oil!

Check out Kirchner's website ALEXANDER KIRCHNER and you can follow him on Instagram HERE. 

Alexander Kirchner likes to make the dark and grimy look …

Alexander Kirchner likes to make the dark and grimy look beautiful and stunning.




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