Gourmet food market in Reykjavik this weekend

The KRÁS food market reopens for the summer today, Saturday, in central Reykjavik. KRÁS is a market set up by various Reykjavik restaurants who offer street versions of their dishes. 

The market is located in Fógetagarðurinn, just near Austurvöllur parliament square in the city centre. 

Chefs from restaurants that span everything from the fancy Kol and Apótek to less expensive ones will be preparing culinary creations at a fair price and guests can enjoy them either to take out or to eat at the market in Fógetagarðurinn square. Beer, wine and soft drinks are also on offer. 

The market is open between 1- 6 pm  Saturdays and Sundays until August 20th. 


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