We want Apple in Icelandic!

Apple in Icelandic?

Apple in Icelandic? Photo: AFP/Johannes Eisele

A petition has been set up urging technology giant Apple to make their iOS and Mac OS X operating systems available in Icelandic.

“Getting an Icelandic translation of iOS and Mac OS X would be an important first step in making Icelandic a more workable language for talking about technology,” explains the driving force behind the petition, Max Naylor, in a recent Facebook post.

Naylor – a self-confessed lover of the Icelandic language – encourages everybody which a passion for ‘íslenska’ to sign the petition to push for an Icelandic version of Apple operating systems.

“If we want to protect our language and ensure that it continues to be used into the future we must make it a practical tool for talking about 21st-century technology,” Naylor continues. “We must guarantee everybody equal access to technology and the possibilities that it opens up for us.”

At the time of writing, some 350 supporters had signed the petition. You can add your name to the list here.

Photo: Facebook screenshot

Photo: Facebook screenshot




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