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Hekla, Grímsvötn,  Bárðarbunga and Katla are all preparing for eruption.

Four of Iceland's main volcanoes all preparing for eruption

7 Feb According to geophysicist Páll Einarsson, four of Iceland's volcanoes are showing increased amounts of activity in preparation for another eruption.

Mýrdalsjökull in the distance where Katla is located. Eyjafjallajökull is closer on this photograph.

Continuing seismic activity in Katla volcano

2 Feb "Katla has been showing this kind of behaviour for as long as we know. There is always seismic activity in Katla but some years show more unsteadiness than others," says geophysicist Páll Einarsson speaking with Morgunblaðið.

Bárðarbunga erupted in 2014- 2015.

Earthquake in Bárðarbunga this morning

6 Jan An earthquake of the magnitude 3.3 originating in the South East Bárðarbunga cauldera was measured this morning at 11:10.

Katla volcano in South Iceland.

Earthquake in Iceland’s Katla volcano

5 Jan An earthquake of magnitude 3,5 took place this morning in Katla, one of Iceland’s largest volcanoes.

Volcanoes, skyr and the Panama Papers: a 2016 Iceland retrospective

1 Jan As the new year begins, Iceland Monitor takes a look back over 2016 and some of its most popular news stories for each month. Which is your favourite?

Iceland’s volcanoes and hot springs to power UK homes?

29 Nov A proposed submarine power cable taking Icelandic green energy to the UK is now one step closer to becoming a reality, after a French asset company agreed to stump up with a major cash contribution.


Katla volcano: Eruption alert level cancelled

15 Oct The National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police and the District Commissioner of Police in South Iceland have cancelled the Civil Protection Uncertainty level due to a possible eruption in the Katla caldera underneath the Mýrdalsjökull glacier.

LATEST Katla update: “Seismic episode over”

3 Oct The Scientific Advisory Board of Iceland’s Civil Protection Department met this morning to discuss the seismic activity at South Iceland’s Katla volcano which began last Thursday.

Roads closed due to Katla warning reopened today

3 Oct The road up to Sólheimajökull glacier in South Iceland has been reopened after closing on Friday following heightened seismic activity at the Katla volcano.


Roads close due to Katla eruption warning

2 Oct The department of Civil Protection closed the road to Sólheimajökull glacier yesterday adn the road is also closed today. It is forbidden to walk onto the glacier. However, only a few small earthquakes have been detected in the Katla area in the last 24 hours.


Iceland’s Katla volcano moved up to yellow alert

30 Sep Following a fresh series of tremors at Katla in South Iceland this lunchtime, the Icelandic Met Office has raised the status of the famous volcano on its ‘Aviation Colour Code Map for Icelandic Volcanic Systems’ from green to yellow.


Greatest frequency of earthquakes in Katla since 2011

30 Sep Over 200 earthquakes have been detected in Katla in the last 24 hours, the greatest frequency of earthquakes in Katla measured since 2011. Three large quakes occurred during the night.

The body was found on a challenging track to the north of Askja.

Hiker found near Iceland volcano “dead for days”

14 Sep The tourist whose dead body was found yesterday afternoon close to the Askja volcano caldera in the Icelandic central highlands appears to have been dead for a number of days, say police.


Tourist found dead near Iceland volcano

14 Sep The body of a foreign tourist was found yesterday afternoon close to the Askja volcano caldera in the Icelandic central highlands.

Mýrdalsjökull glacier.

Volcano Katla under constant monitoring

1 Sep The Iceland Met Office is watching Katla very closely. The volcano is being monitored 24 hours a day and a warning will be issued as soon as there are the slightest signs of an impending eruption.


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