Man drives into bridge and jumps into glacial river

Police at Ölfusá bridge last night.

Police at Ölfusá bridge last night. Photo/Guðmundur Karl

Last night a car collided with the railings of the Ölfusárbrú bridge in Selfoss, South Iceland. After crashing into the bridge the driver jumped out of the car and into the river. Luckily, SAR team members were close by and dispatched a boat into the river to retrieve the man. 

He was transported to the National University Hospital in Reykjavik and information on his condition has not been supplied as yet. 

The bridge was closed for a couple of hours and traffic diverted. Police in South Iceland are asking for witnesses to the accident to come forward. 

Photo/Guðmundur Karlörn Sigurgeirsson

Photo/ Arinbjörn Sigurgeirsson

Ljósmynd/Arinbjörn Sigurgeirsson

Photo/Arinbjörn Sigurgeirsson

Ljósmynd/Arinbjörn Sigurgeirsson


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