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The path down to the falls is so icy that "it's impossible to stand upright on it ."

Gullfoss walking path closed off

10 Nov The walking path on the lower part of Gullfoss,the famous waterfall in South Iceland, has been closed off due to frost and ice.

The earthquake was clearly felt by locals in Selfoss.

Tremors in South Iceland

21 Oct An earthquake at a magnitude of 3.4 was felt in the town of Selfoss last night. Locals reported cupboards shaking and crockery breaking. An ongoing swarm of earthquakes has continued into the morning.

Police at Ölfusá bridge last night.

Man drives into bridge and jumps into glacial river

7 Sep Last night a car collided with the railings of the Ölfusárbrú bridge in Selfoss, South Iceland. After crashing into the bridge the driver jumped out of the car and into the river. Luckily, SAR team members were close by and dispatched a boat into the river to retrieve the man.

Tourists at Öxarárfoss at Þingvellir.

Rain doesn't deter tourists from visiting Þingvellir

4 Sep Þingvellir, the historic site of Europe's first parliament, or althing, is also one of the most magnificent areas of natural beauty in Iceland. Thousands of tourists visit Þingvellir every year.

A screenshot from a video by tourist Reneé Green who witnessed the huge rocks falling at Seljalandsfoss.

Seljalandsfoss closed due to rock slide

3 Sep Police in South Iceland have, in cooperation with landowners, closed off the walking path at one of Iceland's most popular tourist attractions, Seljalandsfoss waterfall in South Iceland.

New walking paths in Reykjadalur, South Iceland.

Reykjadalur geothermal river attracts thousands of visitors

10 Jul The warm streams of Reykjadalur are exremely popular with tourists who hike to the area in all seasons of the year. The area has now undergone some changes to meet the needs of such a large number of people.

The Saturday events hosted by Sandar suðursins are open to the general public.

A magical lodge in Iceland to connect people with nature

6 Jul Töfrastaðir, or "magic farm" is a community that has just been given a piece of land in South Iceland for a project to increase environmental awareness and connect people with nature.

The exhibition is in Hvolsvöllur, surrounded by many of Iceland's most famous volcanoes.

LAVA exhibition on Icelandic volcanoes just opened in Hvolsvöllur

19 Jun LAVA is a multimedia exhibition in the small village of Hvolsvöllur, surrounded by volcanoes. At the exhibition visitors can experience eruptions, earthquakes and ash, and get to know more about recent eruptions in Iceland and how the island came to be.

The country home offers atounding views to Lake Þingvellir.

Stylish country home near Lake Þingvellir, Iceland

16 Jun Country living in Iceland couldn't get more stylish than this modern villa situated in Nesjavellir, a geothermal area of outstanding natural beauty close to Þingvellir National Park.

People have been "writing" names and phrases on the hill by tearing up the moss.

“Send nudes” written in moss in South Iceland

12 Jun Over the last years people have been “writing” on a hill by Nesjavallaleið in South Iceland. They do this by tearing up the moss, which can easily take decades to grow back. People write names and phrases like LIFE and send nudes.

The barrier protects the bridge from icebergs large enough they could damage it.

Construction in Jökulsárlón to mend a protective barrier

12 Jun Construction work taking place in Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon has caught the eye of many passerbys. A protective barrier that stops the great icebergs from crashing into the bridge over the river is being mended.

Ölfusá is Iceland's largest river and its immensely powerful.

Two men risk their lives to save another man from drowning

12 Jun A local police officer and an unnamed man showed immense bravery when they put themselves at risk to save a man that threw himself into Ölfusá River, by Selfoss in South Iceland.

The new staircase can be seen here.

Improved access at Iceland' Gullfoss waterfall

25 May Tourists are now using the new staircase at Gulfoss, Iceland's most famous waterfall and one of the country's most popular tourist spots.

The lighthouse is surrounded by open water and is precariously perched on a cliff.

Incredible location for a lighthouse perched on a rock in Iceland's wild surf

15 May A photograph taken by Morgunblaðið photographer Árni Sæberg of the Þrídrangaviti lighthouse in 2009 has now become viral thanks to Justin Bieber of all people.

Immerse yourself in nature on a secluded island retreat where you hear nothing except the wind blowing through the grass.

Sleep in a Mongolian Yurt on a magical island in Iceland's largest glacial river

13 May Hákon Kjalar Hjördísarson decided to make a change to his life and move back to a place of enchanted childhood memories, a tiny island called Traustholtshólmi in the Þjórsá river in Iceland. Now, he offers tours to the island with an overnight stay in a Mongolian Yurt and a delicious wild salmon dinner included.


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