President of Iceland to run the half-marathon

The President of Iceland, Guðni Th. Jóhannesson, will be running a half-marathon in the Reykjavik Marathon today, in support of PIETA Iceland.

PIETA is an association that plans to offer resources for suicidal individuals and people suffer from self-harm.

“I encourage all those that have money to spare to pledge it to runners and support charitable causes,” the president wrote on his Facebook page.

The president is nowhere to be found in the marathon’s pledge system though, as he encourages those that want to support his cause to pledge their donations to the many other runners who have chosen to support PIETA.

Over 14 thousand runners have signed up for the run today. 1,490 will run the marathon, 2,963 will run the half-marathon and 6,747 will run ten kilometers. 1,835 have signed up for the Fun Run and just under 1,200 will take part in George’s Wacky Outfit Race. Among participants are over 4,000 guests from 87 countries.


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