A strange list of Iceland's most beautiful women hits headlines

A list of Iceland's most beautiful women published on YouTube channel RS Network has been published causing many locals to scratch their heads. 

There's no doubt that all the women on the list are very beautiful. However, the person responsible for this list did not check whether the names and photos corresponded, and the accompanying text is somewhat incomprehensible, or at  best, hilarious. 

Many famous Icelandic women are on the list, for example Björk Guðmundsdóttir ranking at number 10. (Although somebody decided to call her Björk Jakobsdóttir). Calling the Sugarcubes a "choice dance band" is also highly interesting. 

Photographer Hallgerður Hallgrímsdóttir is at no.7 on the list but instead of publishing a photo of her they found a photo of actress Halla Vilhjálmsdóttir. 

Health guru Solla Eiríks is obviously so beautiful that she makes two appearances on the list, although the second time her name is Íris Hrund Þórarinsdóttir. 

Here is the video for your amusement but please be aware that there is a lot of misinformation going on here. 


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