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The motorbike in Hvalfjörður tunnel.

Elliott Moss video shot in Iceland tunnel

19 Oct A motorcycle scene was shot last night in Hvalfjörður tunnel in West Iceland for a new video by US musician Elliot Moss.

Lana's "Hot new love interest" whom Egilsson plays in the new music video to "White Mustang."

Lana's Icelandic hearthrob makes waves as new video is released

14 Sep Eðvarð Egilsson has shot to fame playing the musician boyfriend of Lana Del Rey in her new video to sultry song White Mustang.

Eðvarð Egilsson is an Icelandic musician.

Icelander stars in Lana Del Rey's new video

11 Sep Musician Eðvarð Egilsson plays the leading role in a new music video by Lana Del Rey.

The Wabi Sabi moored in Reykjavik.

Incredible luxury yacht moored at Reykjavik harbour

8 Sep The Wabi Sabi is currently moored at the old harbour in Reykjavik at Grandi. Rumours are rife that the yacht is owned by Elton John.

Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson wants to donate money to charity.

Iceland's strongest man: I'm not perfect

23 Jun Hafþór Júlíus is best known internationally for his role as The Mountain in the Game of Thrones television series.

Oliver Luckett lives in Reykjavik and got married to his partner Scott Guinn on Saturday.

Lindsay Lohan attends wedding of Oliver Luckett in Iceland

19 Jun US actress Lindsay Lohan was one of the attendees at the glamorous country wedding of businessman and art collector Oliver Luckett to Scott Guinn on Saturday.

Jamie Oliver.

Jamie Oliver's tips for eating out in Reykjavik

18 Apr British star chef Jamie Oliver is a regular visitor to Iceland. Here are his recommendations for Reykjavik restaurants.

Sigrún Lilja is working through a nervous breakdown by posing in the nude.

Icelandic fashion designer replicates famous Kim Kardashian pose

15 Dec Sigrun Lilja Guðjónsdóttir, the woman behind the Gyðja fashion label has just broken the Icelandic internet with a nude photo shoot for gossip magazine Séð og Heyrt.

Jamie Oliver is one of the most famous chefs in the world.

Jamie Oliver opens restaurant in Reykjavik

29 Nov The famous Jamie's Italian chain of restaurant owned by British star chef Jamie Oliver will be opening at Hótel Borg in April/May 2017 in Reykjavik.

This  is Iceland's famous health guru Solla Eiríks, owner of the Gló restaurants. Although she has a completely different name here.

A strange list of Iceland's most beautiful women hits headlines

28 Nov A list of Iceland's most beautiful women published on YouTube channel RS Network has been published causing many locals to scratch their heads.

Sólveig Káradóttir and Dhani Harrison on their wedding day in 2012.

Sólveig Káradóttir and Dhani Harrison get divorced

22 Nov 2016 Sólveig Káradóttir and Dhani Harrison, son of Beatle George Harrison are getting a divorce after four years of marriage.

Sigourney Weaver loves the lobster soup at Bryggjan, a little café in Grindavík.

Sigourney Weaver's best meal on a trip was in ICELAND

17 Nov 2016 US actress Sigourney Weaver says that her best meal on a trip was a lobster soup in Grindavík, a small fishing village in Iceland, when interviewed by Condé Nast Traveler.

Is Iceland’s ‘Mountain’ a superhero?

15 Nov 2016 Icelandic star actor and weightlifter Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson features as one of ten real-life people whom US website suspects might in fact be a superhero.

Rich Piana og Sara Heimisdóttir.

Rich Piana accuses Icelandic former wife of using him

10 Nov 2016 US body building champion Rich Piana became famous in Iceland when he married Icelandic body builder Sara Heimisdóttir. Their marriage failed and Piana has released a video accusing Heimisdóttir of marrying him just to obtain her Green Card.

PHOTOS: Khal Drogo braves North Iceland cold

12 Oct 2016 Momoa is currently in Iceland for the shooting of the new Justice League film, together with co-stars Willem Defoa and Ben Affleck.


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