Katrín Sif Sigurgeirsdóttir heads the negotiaion committee for midwives.

Midwives' strike in the cards next Wednesday

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Support for midwives in their wage dispute.

Support meeting for midwives well attended

11 Jul A support meeting at 1.40 this afternoon just before the meeting between the association of midwives and the state negotiator was well attended.

Midwives and their supporters at a public demonstration meeting in Austurvöllur last month.

Midwives meet with state negotiator today

7 May Wage negotiations between Icelandic midwives and the state are still in deadlock and today the ninth meeting between the two takes place.

New babies are sent home today without getting home care by midwives.

Midwives strike: Newborns and parents sent home without aftercare

25 Apr "People are anxious and find this very uncomfortable," says head midwife Hilda Friðfinnsdóttir at the National University Hospital in Reykjavik maternity ward. Parents with their newborns have to leave the ward today without secured home care.

"How much is each child worth," - midwives are on strike.

Icelandic midwives go on strike

23 Apr All midwives that go on home visits, 95 women, have gone on strike today.




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