The bridge over Jökulsá á Fjöllum.

Bridge to Be Crossed in Daylight Only

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From Múlakvísl river.

Warning: Gas Pollution by Múlakvísl River

2 Oct 2019 Due to gas pollution, caused by a small glacial flood in Múlakvísl river, South Iceland, travelers are advised to avoid stopping by the river.

By Skaftá river.

Glacial Flood in Skaftá River

17 Sep 2019 A small glacial flood in Skaftá river, South Iceland, has been reported by the Icelandic Met Office.

The flood began yesterday.

Conductivity in Múlakvísl still high

16 Jan 2019 Water levels in Múlakvísl went down a little last night. A glacial outburst flood started in the river yesterday. Conductivity in the river is still high.

The water levels peaked at noon today and are subsiding slowly.

Glacial river outburst flood begins in Múlakvísl

15 Jan 2019 An outburst flood has begun in Múlakvísl. The flood began this morning and water levels reached a peak at noon today. A sulphuric odour can be found by the river.

Múlakvísl this morning.

All quiet on the Southern front: Nothing happening at Katla and Múlakvísl

30 Jul 2017 There are no news from Múlakvísl glacial river and the Katla volcano in Southern Iceland. No earthquakes were measured in Mýrdalsjökull glacier, where Katla looms beneath, and everything points to the glacial river flood being mostly over.

The Múlakvísl river this morning.

People warned to stay away from Múlakvísl river and great odour of sulphur rising

29 Jul 2017 The glacial outburst flood at Múlakvísl in South Iceland has reached a peak. Electrical conductivity is now measured around 580 µS/cm and has increased rapidly the last hour, according to an announcement from the Icelandic Met Office. People are warned to stay away from the area.


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