Anti-whaling Icelanders protest on Sunday against recommencement of whaling

A peaceful protest has been organised tomorrow at Reykjavik Harbour when whale hunting company Hvalur hf. begins hunting for fin whales. 

The protest is organised by The Society of vegetarians, The Vegan society, Jarðarvinir ( earth friends) and Hard to Port.

A statement on the Facebook event says: 

On Sunday Hvalur ehf. (Kristjan Loftsson) will start the killings of whales again, the only explanation we can find is that he is allowed to kill 220 fin-whales according to a law passed in 2013 so he´s going to do that even if he doesn´t have any buyers for the product. We will protest this barbaric and evil act at Reykjavik Harbour on Sunday at 12:00, come join us!


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