Relatives of Icelander reported dead in Syria unhappy with government action

Icelandic activist Haukur Hilmarsson.

Icelandic activist Haukur Hilmarsson. Ljósmynd/Aðsend

 The family of Haukur Hilmarsson, the Icelander who has been reported as killed in conflict in Syria demand that the Foreign Minister directly contacts NATO or Turkish authorities to find out whether Hilmarsson is dead or alive and if he is dead, to have the Turkish authorities send his body to Iceland. 

This is stated in a press announcement sent to media by the family. They will be meeting with Minister for Foreign Affairs Guðlaugur Þór Þórðarson today at 3 pm. Icelandic police are investigating the case as a disappearance case. 

On March 8th Hilmarsson's family asked the Foreign Ministry and police to help to receive confirmation of his death and to have his body sent home. They criticise how little has happened since. "The Ministry has made no effort in trying to make direct contact with ministries in Turkey, military authorities or police. 

Hilmarsson's mother, author and activist Eva Hauksdóttir met with the citizen services yesterday. 

Haukur Hilmarsson. The photo is a screenshot from a video ...

Haukur Hilmarsson. The photo is a screenshot from a video published by foreign legion International Freedom Battalion last week.


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