Icelandic government to receive more refugees in coming years

Þorsteinn Víglundsson with Filippo Grandi in Geneva.

Þorsteinn Víglundsson with Filippo Grandi in Geneva. Photo/Minstry for Social Affairs

Minister for Social Affairs and Equality in Iceland, Þorsteinn Víglundsson yesterday met with Filippo Grandi, High Commissioner for Refugees at the UN í Geneva yesterday.  They spoke about the condition that refugees have to endure, the emergency situation in the Mediterranean and in Africa and the importance of an organised reception of quota refugees. 

They also spoke about the importance of securing that refugees do not have to resort to the assistance of smugglers and risk their life in order to come to Europe. 

Víglundsson reaffirmed the plans of the Icelandic government on the annual reception of quota refugees and the government's policy to receive a greater number of refugees in coming years. 




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