Icelandic sailor‘s strike at an end

Icelandic sailor's strike, which has lasted for weeks, ended yesterday. As Iceland’s economy relies heavily on fisheries the matter of settling the debate was of much importance. The effect of it has not only been visible in Icelandic society. Icelandic fish has been hard to come by in USA and Britain, and birds that thrive on the scraps from Icelandic trawlers are getting aggressive, evidently hungry.

The debate had been going on for a long time and sailors have been without a former wage contract for years. The strike lasted for so long that Þorgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir, Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture had hinted that a law would be set, forcing an end to the strike.

Both parties agreed upon a contract two days ago. Yesterday sailor’s voted on the contract, which was approved by 52.4%. There was no waiting around, most trawlers set out to sea as early as yesterday evening.

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