Majority happy to wait for elections

'Elections now!' is the simple demand of these protestors.

'Elections now!' is the simple demand of these protestors. Photo: Iceland Monitor/Kristján

Just over one in three Icelanders support the idea of immediate general elections, according to a new poll by Gallup.

Reykjavik has seen repeated demonstrations by angry voters – in the wake of the Panama Papers revelations – demanding the dissolution of parliament and elections now.

Latest figures suggest, however, that a majority of Icelanders are not as keen, with the option of elections as soon as possible (i.e. within the next two months) supported by just 37% of poll respondents.

The remaining 63% back elections at some later stage – in the summer (June-August), towards the end of the year, or as originally planned in 2017.

There is some correlation between views on the subject and age – the younger the respondent, the more likely they are to want immediate general elections.




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