8.9 % of Icelanders are immigrants

From a multicultural event in Reykjavik.

From a multicultural event in Reykjavik. Photo/ Mbl.is

According to a report by the Icelandic Bureau of Statistics, 8.9 % of the Icelandic population are immigrants compared to 8.4 % last year. 

The rise in immigrants has been steady since 2012, from 8.0 % to 8.9%. 

The second generation of immigrants is also on the increase, from 3.534 last year to 3.846 this year. 

The largest group of immigrants from one country to Iceland are Polish. On January 1st this year, 10.933 people of Polish origin lived in Iceland which is 37.5 % of all immigrants. The second largest are from Lithuania and third largest come from the Philippines. 




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