Police ‘sickie strikes’ for VIP visits?

President Hollande (left) and PM Camerion (right).

President Hollande (left) and PM Camerion (right). Composite photo: Both photos: AFP

According to sources of the Icelandic Ministry of Finance, Icelandic police are planning more ‘sickie strikes’ when important Heads of State are due to visit Iceland.

Last Friday, some seventy police officers – mostly in the capital – called in sick, in what was seemingly unofficial strike action in protest at low pay. The action led to some police stations having to close for the day.

The Icelandic Ministry of Finance believes it now has information that the action is to be repeated – on days when Iceland is set to receive important Heads of State on official visits and when national law requires the Icelandic Police to provide security for the foreign dignitaries.

Among the dates apparently earmarked for further ‘sickie strikes’ are 16 October – when French President François Hollande will be on an official visit in Iceland – and 28 October when up to eight Heads of States, including British PM David Cameron, will be attending the Northern Future Forum at the invitation of the Icelandic government.




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