Strikes: TV and radio disruption

Photo: Ómar Óskarsson

Strike action by the Icelandic Association of Electrical Industry Workers (RSÍ) will disrupt and cut back news and programming on both television and radio.

According the Icelandic national broadcaster, RÚV, the disruption will affect the whole country for a period of six days, 10-16 June.

RÚV, who is not directly able to negotiate with RSÍ members, applied initially for exemptions from strike action in order to discharge its public-service responsibilities.

Exemptions were sought to safeguard the broadcaster’s public-safety announcements, news service and minimum programming. RÚV also applied to RSÍ to protect transmission of various important sports events, awards ceremonies, concerts and religious ceremonies.

Most of these requests have been rejected. RÚV has asked RSÍ to reconsider.

“RÚV will make every effort to function as best it can as far as circumstances allow,” reads the broadcaster’s statement.




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