Alternate routes installed and remote control enabled at Svartsengi powerplant

The telecommunications company Siminn has added backup lines for telecommunications to the power plant in Svartsengi.

New mobile phone transmitters have been installed and other transmitters updated, as well as a microwave communications service to ensure the safety of workers, road users and first responders in the area in case of a volcanic eruption near the power plant.

This is stated in an announcement from Siminn.

It says that telecoms are an important infrastructure and it is therefore Síminn's duty to prepare for the many scenarios that scientists have presented.

Ensure communication in various situations

“Power plants are socially important infrastructures and we have therefore had a very good collaboration with HS Orka in the last few days to ensure that communications are available in their field of operation under the various circumstances,” the announcement states.

“By ensuring the safety of our infrastructure in the region, we also enable HS Orka to remotely operate the power plant in Svartsengi from the Reykjanes power plant if Straumsengi is to be evacuated and will continue to monitor the situation and do everything in our power to ensure the safety of our infrastructure in the region.”


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