"Flaming hot" at the eruption site

“We just hoped that we would manage to land,” says Cheri Sillard, a tourist from the United States. The eruption at Litli-Hrútur began to erupt just before the plane landed in Iceland.

A reporter for mbl.is started talking with Cheri at the eruption site where she had come to see the eruption. Thought to be a journalist and photographer, she caught his eye as she was wearing a prominent red jersey with the logo of the Cheetah’s snack.

The inscription of the jersey: “Flaming hot is quite fitting for the occasion.

Lucky to have seen two volcanic eruptions

Cheri was on her way to Iceland when the eruption began, but she has since been waiting for the trails to open so she could get closer. She and her traveling companions will head home in the morning, so she was glad to learn that the hike route had been opened.

Cheri says it is not the first time she has experienced a volcanic eruption, because she has seen volcanic eruption in Hawaii in the Pacific before. However, she says she is nowhere near tired of volcanic eruptions, saying the experience is still a "once in a lifetime experience," although she has now experienced seeing two volcanic eruptions.

“I feel so lucky, you have to be in the right place at the right time to see a volcanic eruption and I’ve been lucky enough to see two.”

When asked, she says the two volcanic eruptions are quite different, but she got a little closer to the eruption in Hawaii and saw more glowing lava. This time, the glowing lava is more distant, but she says she is glad that the path to the eruption at Litli-Hrútur was easy and safe.


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