Icelandair cancels flights this morning

Stranded tourists were finally transported by bus to Reykjavík from …

Stranded tourists were finally transported by bus to Reykjavík from KEF International Airport last night. Jóhannesson

Icelandair has decided to cancel flights to Europe this morning. The decision is made as weather forecasts indicate that similar conditions may arise as yesterday when the Reykjanesbraut could not be kept open and transport to and from Keflavík International Airport was largely cut off.

This is in an announcement made by the airline from ten o'clock Monday night.

It says that today's daily flights to Tenerife, Las Palmas and Boston were delayed. It is hoped conditions will improve as the day progresses.

“Passengers are advised as soon as possible to keep an eye out for airline announcements as well as for up-to-date flight information by checking into the relevant booking on Icelandair’s website and in the Icelandair app,” the announcement reads.

Difficult circumstances at KEF International Airport yesterday

“Work was underway last night to get passengers who were trapped at Keflavík International Airport yesterday due to the weather to Reykjavík by bus to Reykjavík where they could either go to their homes or stay in a hotel for the night.

The situation was very tricky at Keflavík International Airport today because staff were having trouble getting to work, so the airport was undermanned. In these weather circumstances and due to the shortage of people, the company and its staff were unable to maintain the level of service that the company and staff would have wanted.”

Apologies to all involved

Director Nils Bogason is quoted as saying last night that the day had proved very difficult for the airline’s passengers and its staff.

“Our group was interviewed at Keflavík International Airport, where staff had difficulty getting to work and the shift was therefore under great strain. In these circumstances, the service we would have wanted could not be provided to passengers, and we apologize for that.”

Fortunately, it now looks as if tonight it will be possible to get passengers from Keflavík International Airport to the capital area.

“We realize that these disruptions have a major impact on many people’s holiday plans and we do everything we can to get all passengers to their destinations once the weather has gone down. I would especially like to thank the company’s staff who have been caught in the line today’s fire under very difficult circumstances and our passengers for their patience and understanding in difficult circumstances.”


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