Crashed Plane Being Investigated

Vala Hafstað

Friday night, the airplane that crashed into Þingvallavatn lake, Southwest Iceland, in February was recovered from the lake, Morgunblaðið reports. The plane, a Cessna C172, crashed into the lake on February 3, killing all four men on board. Their bodies were recovered from the lake a week after the accident.

A total of 55 people took part in the complicated operation of recovering the plane from a depth of 48 meters (160 ft). Those included police officers, firefighters, 12 divers and five rescue teams.

Before the plane itself was pulled out of the water, items collected from it were brought to shore in a special basket. “It is a basket we made for keeping evidence, such as electrical devices, clothing and more,” states Lárus Kazmi, who headed a team of divers from the national police commissioner.

Once the plane had been brought to shore, the Transport Accident Investigation Committee examined it before it was wrapped up and transported to the committee’s hangar in Reykjavík. A preliminary investigation was expected to begin over the weekend.

According to Ragnar Guðmundsson, one of the investigators, there is not much visible damage to the plane, which is mainly damaged at the front and bottom.

When asked how long the investigation is likely to take, he responds, “It’s very hard to tell. Each investigation is unique.” It depends, he notes, on where the investigation will lead the team, and whether some items will have to be sent out for special analysis or dismantling.

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