The outdoor area of the Sundhöll swimming pool.

Pool Guest Was First to Detect Man in Distress

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From the Sundhöll swimming pool in Reykjavík.

Fatal Accident at Sundhöll Swimming Pool

25 Jan On Thursday last week, an unconscious man was pulled from the bottom of the Sundhöll swimming pool on Barónstígur, Reykjavík.

Car Accident Claims Life of One-Year-Old Boy

20 Jan A one-year-old boy, who was a passenger in a car that landed in the ocean in Skötufjörður fjord Saturday, has died, reports.

Woman Dies After Car Lands in Ocean in West Fjords

18 Jan A woman is dead after a car she was a passenger in skidded off the road and landed in the ocean in Skötufjörður.

Móskarðshnjúkar peaks in Esja mountain.

Accidents Due to Unsafe Ice on Lake and Icy Mountain Slopes

11 Jan Unsafe ice on lakes and icy mountain slopes caused several accidents over the weekend.


Town of Akranes Covered in Cement

6 Jan When residents of Akranes, West Iceland, woke up yesterday morning, a layer of cement covered their houses and cars.

Rescue workers faced difficult conditions.

Successful Rescue of Man Stuck in Mud for Hours: Video

4 Sep The Icelandic Coast Guard released a video last night of the rescue of a man who was stuck for more than three hours in sand, or mud, in Sandvatn lake, south of Langjökull glacier, Wednesday night.

Sandvatn lake in Haukadalsheiði heath.

Stuck in Sand in Middle of Lake for Several Hours

3 Sep The South Iceland Police Department received a call at 10 pm last night from a man in his 20s who was stuck in sand in the middle of Sandvatn lake.

From yesterday's protest.

‘We’ve Got to Be Able to Trust the Roads’

1 Jul Numerous motorcyclists gathered in Iceland yesterday in front of the offices of the Icelandic Road Administration.

Two People Die in Collision on Newly Paved Road

29 Jun Two people died yesterday when a motorcycle and a camper collided in Kjalarnes, just north of Reykjavík.

From the search in Vopnafjörður.

Search for Missing Fisherman Continues

22 May The search for a fisherman, believed to have fallen overboard in Vopnafjörður fjord, Northeast Iceland on Monday, continues today.

From the scene of the accident.

Survived Two Hours of Cardiac Arrest

22 Apr The two teenage boys who were rescued from a vehicle that landed in the ocean by Hafnarfjörður Harbor in January suffered cardiac arrest for more than two hours.

The accident occurred near the Efri-Grafningsvegur exit.

Bus, Carrying 23, Rolls over near Þingvellir

25 Feb 2020 A bus with 23 people on board rolled over on Þingvallavegur road, on Mosfellsheiði, west of Þingvallavatn lake, at about 10:30 am.

A stranded boat, near Hvammstangi, Northwest Iceland, last spring.

Boats Strand While Captains Sleep

7 Feb 2020 Since the year 2000, 43 boats or ships have stranded off the coast of Iceland because the captain of the boat fell asleep.

Young Man Dies in Avalanche in Esja Mountain

30 Jan 2020 A 23-year old man lost his life in an avalanche that fell in Esja mountain yesterday.

Jóhann Sveinbjörnsson, holding the certificate for being person of the year in the East Fjords.

Life-Saving Trip to Golf Course

26 Jan 2020 An 86-year-old man from Seyðisfjörður, Jóhann Sveinbjörnsson, was recently chosen the East Fjords person of the year.


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