Strætó to Adopt New Ticketing System

Vala Hafstað

Tomorrow, Strætó bus company will implement a new account-based ticketing system, called KLAPP, in Reykjavík and vicinity, reports.

This type of system is known in public transport around the world, where payment is made with a card or mobile phone at a scanner.

There are three payment methods in the new system: KLAPP card, KLAPP app and KLAPP ten.

KLAPP cards are smart cards that you hold near a scanner on board the bus when paying the fare. You can buy KLAPP cards at and at all Strætó vendors in the capital area. You can add balance to your KLAPP card on My Pages

You can buy KLAPP cards from Strætó dealers in the capital area and in the Strætó online store.

With the KLAPP app, you can use your smartphone to buy single tickets or period passes for Strætó in the capital area. You can download the KLAPP app on App Store or Google Play.

KLAPP ten is a paper pass with ten fares for adults, youth, or senior citizens. This product replaces the old paper bus tickets. The cardboard card has a code that you scan on board the bus. The scanner shows how many trips are left on the card. You can buy KLAPP ten from all Strætó vendors in the capital area and at

New prices will take effect tomorrow as well. For a price list, see here




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