East Iceland Police Shoot and Injure Armed Man: Gunshot Heard on Video

Vala Hafstað

Police officers in East Iceland shot and injured a man in the town Egilsstaðir last night, mbl.is reports.

Police issued the following statement :

“Employees of the district prosecutor and of the technical department of the Capital Area Police Department flew to Egilsstaðir last night, and investigation of the case is at an initial stage.

“The injured man was transported by medical flight to Reykjavík, but for now, no further information can be provided regarding his condition.”


Mbl.is reports that shortly after 10 pm last night, police in East Iceland were notified of an armed man on the street Dalsel, who had threatened to use a firearm. When police came to the scene, the man was inside an apartment building. Sounds of shooting were heard from inside the building, and the man shot in the direction of the police.

After about an hour, the armed man came outside, shot in the direction of the police, and was subsequently hit by a bullet, according to a statement from police.

The armed man is about 30 years old. Before being shot at by police, he had been shooting with an air gun at windows on the street for more than half an hour.

A resident of the street tells mbl.is that dozens of shots were fired at the windows of his house, and that he doesn’t know the shooter, who shot at other houses in the neighborhood as well.

The armed man is reported to have refused to put down the weapon and to have subsequently been shot in the abdomen .

A video was posted on TikTok, where a shot can be heard fired, followed by a sound of pain. The video seems to have been recorded near the apartment building to which police were called.


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