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Vala Hafstað

The wind direction on the Reykjanes peninsula will be unfavorable to hikers this afternoon, since winds will be blowing from the north and northeast at 13-18 m/sec. Therefore, volcanic gases will be dispersed mostly south and southwest of the volcano, directly over the recently marked hiking trail, reports. Jóhannesson

The trail remains open, but people are asked to exercise caution and to follow instructions from first responders in the area.

The area was very crowded yesterday, and some mishaps were reported overnight, due to icy trails. Magnússon

Hjálmar Hallgrímsson, one of the people in charge of on-location control for the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management, states that possibly, the stakes will have to be moved. That decision will be taken later today.

He stresses the importance for people to respect the 2-meter social distancing rule.

Photo/Hreiðar Júlíusson

The area is monitored by rescue workers day and night.

Hjálmar expects many people to visit the area today.

The University of Iceland Volcanology and Natural Hazard Group posted a message on its Facebook page last night, stating that it looks like the eruption will be long-lasting, giving people the unique opportunity to see an eruption with their own eyes.

The message notes that volcanic gas emissions from the Fagradalsfjall eruption include more carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide than we have previously experienced – both of which are very dangerous.

You can see the dispersion of volcanic gases on this map by clicking the arrow, located at the bottom left of the screen, or by visiting this website .




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