Murder Suspect Was Convicted of Manslaughter Decades Ago

Vala Hafstað

The 51-year-old Danish man who yesterday confessed to having killed a 43-year-old Icelandic woman, Freyja Egilsdóttir Mogensen, at her home in East Jutland, Denmark, will be charged with manslaughter and the desecration of a human corpse, Michael Kjeldgaard, chief superintendent in East Jutland, tells

The man is Freyja’s former partner and the father of her two young children, who survive her.

It turns out that in 1996, the man was convicted of manslaughter, at the age of 26, reports. 

According to Ekstrabladet, he received a 10-year prison sentence at the time for killing the 20-year-old mother of his son. The son was two years old at the time. The crime was committed in 1995.

The accused reported Freyja missing yesterday, but she was last seen late Thursday night, a week ago, leaving work at a nursing home.

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