Avalanche Destroys Ski Chalet in Siglufjörður

Major damage in the ski area.

Major damage in the ski area. Photo/Sigurður Þór Helgason

Vala Hafstað

An avalanche occurred in the Siglufjörður ski area, North Iceland, yesterday morning, causing extensive damage to the ski chalet and equipment, mbl.is reports. Luckily, no one was in the area when the avalanche occured.

Yesterday afternoon, nine houses were evacuated in the town, due to a risk of avalanches.

The Icelandic Coast Guard ship Týr left Reykjavík for Eyjafjörður fjord yesterday afternoon to be ready in Dalvík harbor if needed, as requested by the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management.

Photo/Sigurður Þór Helgason

Considerable precipitation is in the forecast for the Tröllaskagi peninsula, where Siglufjörður is located, for the weekend, and residents have been asked to follow the weather forecast closely.

An alert phase remains in effect in Siglufjörður due to the risk of avalanches, and and uncertainty phase in North Iceland for the same reason.



In addition, a yellow weather alert is in effect for Northwest Iceland and Northeast Iceland until 3 pm today. The road from Skagafjörður to Siglufjörður,  Siglufjarðarvegur, is closed due to snow.




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