Reykjavík Residents Flock to the Beach

Vala Hafstað

Not many Icelanders have been able to travel abroad this summer, but yesterday, it was easy for us, the residents of Reykjavík, to imagine a flying carpet had suddenly transported us to a different country, where going to the beach is as frequent an activity as going to the pool is for us. Jóhannesson

The sun shone in the capital city, and the temperature reached a high of 18°C (64°F). The thermometers of some cars even showed an optimistic 20°C, creating a debate among beachgoers about which brand of car was worth trusting.

Naturally, people flocked to Nauthólsvík beach and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Today, the flying carpet is nowhere to be seen, nor is the sun. It’s cloudy again, and there is rain in the forecast.




14 °C


Later today

11 °C

Partly cloudy


12 °C