Reykjavík Streets Empty during Storm

Vala Hafstað

The streets of Reykjavík are almost completely empty this morning, due to the dangerous weather, reports. Residents had been asked to remain indoors while the storm passes through.

There are no classes being taught at schools – preschools, grade schools, secondary schools and universities – although preschools and grade schools remain open with a minimal number of staff members, in order to serve parents who work as first responders and must get to work.

A number of businesses are closed till noon, or are giving their staff the option of working from home.

The picture above was taken at 8:30 am on Kringlumýrarbraut – one of Reykjavík’s thoroughfares, where traffic at this hour would normally be bumper to bumper.




10 °C


Later today

12 °C



9 °C