Flooding in Reykjanes: Video

From Garður, the Reykjanes peninsula.

From Garður, the Reykjanes peninsula. Photo/Police

Vala Hafstað

The severe weather today and high sea levels have caused the flooding of houses in Keflavík, on the Reykjanes peninsula, mbl.is reports. The houses are located near the ocean. In nearby Garður, levies have not sufficed to hold the waves back, causing houses to flood.

Rescue teams in Reykjanes have been called out more than 60 times today.

From Garður.

From Garður. Photo/Davíð Ásgeirsson

Property damage is substantial in Reykjanes – in Grindavík, Sandgerði, Vogar, Garður, Njarðvík and Keflavík, mainly due to flying roofing sheets and debris.

Take a look at the flooded area in Keflavík in the video below, posted on Facebook by the local news service, Víkurfréttir :

For more photos and videos of the flooding, check out the Facebook page of Víkurfréttir .




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