Dug Himself out of His House

Vala Hafstað

Jón Stefán Jónsson, resident of Akureyri, North Iceland, had to dig himself out of his house this morning. A massive snowdrift had formed by his front door, as was the case for a number of people in Akureyri and elsewhere in Iceland.

“The snow is wetand ideal for making a snowhouse,” Jón Stefán tells mbl.is. He adds that at least one tree in his back yard gave in to the weight of the snow.

When asked if he’ll be going to work today, he responds, “No, there is no work. I work for the athletic association Þór as a representative, and everything is closed. All practices have been canceled, I believe, in every type of sport today. The police reported that only 4x4s can drive through the main streets, and in the residential areas, every road is impassable. People just cover themselves with a blanket, as they should.




3 °C

Light sleet


2 °C



7 °C

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