Four Men Rescued in West Fjords: Video

Vala Hafstað

A crew of four men was rescued late last night off the coast of Súgandafjörður fjord, the West Fjords, after their boat had stranded, reports. A National Coast Guard helicopter was sent to the scene to rescue the crew.

Conditions were difficult where the boat stranded, and it was impossible for a rescue vessel to approach the site, due to high surf. Rescue teams were sent from the north side of Súgandafjörður, but it turned out that rescuing the men from land would have been very difficult. This is why the National Coast Guard helicopter was called out.

The boat sent out an emergency signal at 10 pm. The helicopter came to the scene at 11:42 pm, and all four crewmembers had been rescued on board the helicopter by midnight. They were subsequently transported to Ísafjörður.

The coast guard ship Týr is expected to arrive in Súgandafjörður fjord by 10 am, where conditions will be evaluated to determine whether the boat can be pulled out and towed to harbor.

You can watch the rescue in action in the video above.


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