Ready to Die For Picture

Vala Hafstað

We’ve heard of pictures to die for. But one tourist in Iceland seems to take that term literally. Pictures, showing him in shorts, standing on the brink of Skógafoss waterfall in South Iceland, have caught the attention of the Facebook page Bakland ferðaþjónustunnar, where people in the tourism industry discuss issues related to tourism.

The pictures first appeared on the Facebook page Iceland Q&A, where the person who took them, Nora McMahon, comments, “Next level assholery - I thought I was going to watch an idiot Instagram ‘influencer’ die. We’re raising generations of narcissists who will do anything for a ‘like.’”

Örlygur Örn Örlygsson, driver for Travice travel agency, happened to be by Skógafoss with a group of tourists when the incident took place. He tells it occurred between 7 and 8 pm Monday. “It wouldn’t have taken more than a small rock for him to have fallen, and then he would just have gone down.”

Örlygur states the man was in a group of five young, foreign tourists, who arrived at the waterfall by rental car. The other four did not venture out to the brink of the waterfall, but they went behind the waterfall later on.

 “They shouted something behind the waterfall,” Örlygur relates. One should note that even though tourists commonly walk behind Seljalandsfoss waterfall, walking behind Skógafoss is very risky.

“When they came from behind the waterfall, I addressed one of them and told him he could kill himself doing such a dangerous thing, but he responded it didn’t matter, since life was a risk anyway,” he adds and notes that the man seemed to think that was funny.

A large number of people witnessed this reckless behavior.




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