Queen Mary 2 Expected Today

Vala Hafstað

At 8 am today, the longest passenger ship ever to arrive in Iceland is expected to arrive in Sundahöfn harbor in Reykjavík, Morgunblaðið reports. The 345-m-long (1,132-ft) ship is Queen Mary 2, operated by the British Cunard Cruise Line.  It will leave harbor again on Saturday.

To envision its length, think about a soccer field. No. Think about three and a half soccer fields. The ship carries 2,620 passengers and a crew of 1,254. 

That’s a total of 3,874 people - more than twice the population of Dalvík municipality; it’s also more than the entire population of Ísafjörður municipality; finally, the number is the equivalent of 20.6 percent of the population of Akureyri municipality. In short: a lot of people.

Queen Mary 2 was built in 2003 and was, at the time, the largest ocean liner ever built.

Since then, several larger ships have been built.

Queen Elisabeth gave Queen Mary 2 its name on January 8, 2014. The ship’s maiden voyage began several days later.

The ship has a gross tonnage of 149,215.

Its arrival is certain to attract attention in the capital city.




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