Where to watch the Iceland-Argentina match in Reykjavik

 Iceland's first match in the FIFA World Cup takes place at 1 pm on Saturday against Argentina. But where can you watch it? 

If you have access to a television the match is shown on RÚV national broadcasting service/ channel 1. 

The Iceland- Argentina match will be shown on giant screens for example in the city centre at Ingólfstorg and Hljómskálagarður park. There's a big screen next to Vesturbæjarlaug swimming pool in West Reykjavik, there's one at Boxið street food market in Skeifan in 108 Reykjavik and one in Garðatorg in Garðabær for example. 

Most bars, pubs and hotels offer big screens to watch World Cup games.  You can catch them for example at Kex Hostel  on Skúlagata or at Hlemmur Square where you can take part in a betting game to support Iceland's rescue teams.  You can also catch the match on a big screen in Hjartagarðurinn, a small square in between the Canopy Hotel downtown and the 66 Norður shop. 

For a more arty take on the match, head to the Reykjavik Arts Festival who host a livestream of the match accompanied by the electronic music of artist Þóranna Björnsdóttir at the Reykjavik Art Museum in the city centre. 


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