Árneshreppur in West Fjords to be deserted?

Without extreme actions, Árneshreppur in Strandir in Iceland’s West Fjords will be deserted. This is the conclusion of a two day local summit, held by the local municipality Árneshreppur, West Fjords Association and the Icelandic Regional Development Institute.

Locals of the area met with representatives from these authorities at the meeting, discussing possibilities and opportunities for the future.

Vital to have better roads

Road conditions and transportation was much debated. In the eyes of the locals it’s one of the most important improvement needed, particularly during winter.

A new road over Veiðileysuháls and a tunnel between Árnesdals and Reykjarfjarðar were suggested.

Farming sheep is one of the main foundations for a year around stay in Árneshreppur, was one of the conclusions of the summit. It’s the livelihood for many of the locals. They are not pleased with the last contract between the government and farmers and say it’s unfavourable for farmers.

They also believe that getting fishing quota and managing it in a way it can’t be sold away from the area would be very beneficial.


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