Outdoor toilet used as luggage storage in East Iceland

Foreign tourists decided to use an outdoor toilet on the side of the nr.1 ring road to securely store their luggage. They used a padlock to lock the doors so no one could get to their luggage while they slept in a car parked right next to the toilet, Nútíminn reports [link in Icelandic].

Halla Eyþórsdóttir came by shortly after midnight two nights ago to clean the toilet, but couldn’t get in. She posted these pictures on her Facebook site.

“When I arrived to clean tonight I was flabbergasted. There was a padlock on the outdoor toilet!” Halla says in a Facebook status. She wasn’t quite sure what to do, but decided to break up the lock. A number of suitcases were stacked up inside, the owners sleeping in a car right next to it.

The outdoor toilet is one of many The Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration has put up along the ring road to service tourists.


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